About Jimi James Expert best of Boston hair colorist

The Private workspace

Jimi James Expert Boston hair colorist innovative private hair salon

  • After spending years in Cambridge, Jim embarked on his greatest professional achievement to date - his private hair salon. The private workspace allows Jim to work with clients from all walks of life, at his own pace, without ever compromising his work ethic and artistic integrity at the whim of a salon owner. 

Jimi James

Jimi James Award winning  best of Boston hair colorist

  • Offering a full range of hair color services in Boston from specialized  Hair color correction to the sun-kissed look of balayage. Find inspiration in the before and after gallery.


  • An award-winning, experienced stylist recognized for expertise in hair color, with training from the Vidal Sassoon salon.

Feel pampered with 

  • personalized service in a 

  • private workspace. 

  • Flexible hours to fit 

  • your schedule.

Uncompromised work ethic and integrity

Jimi James Boston hair colorist best of Boston For highlighting and hair color correction

  • Uncompromised work ethic and integrity Really is something that you are blessed with and for me having all of these fantastic wonderful clients come to my private hair salon and allow me to do my work after being in the industry for 30 years and really just focusing on them one at a time makes it so much better for me in the creative process I also believe that my client retention is incredible clients to come here stay here and I believe a picture is worth 1000 words so I encourage you to look at all the before and after’s